Thursday, July 08, 2004

Bdos: Madness is gladness

Bajans must be crazy. Under Barbados's legal system, title to property does not guarantee one's right to the property or protect one from infringement by squatters. Worse yet, one's title to property purchased or inherited can be negated just like that by a squatter!! Whoever heard of nonsense like that?

Property owners, more so those living abroad, need to pay far greater attention to their properties. Several of our people emigrate to cold countries and, through their blood, sweat and tears, purchase property in Barbados – or inherit property from their ancestors – only to discover later that the title to the property they once owned has extinguished.
Readers may wonder how this could happen, but having “the papers” to the property is not all. A property owner has a responsibility to ensure he is not dispossessed by third parties. He must therefore be wary of squatters and tenants whose tenancies have expired but who have nevertheless continued to reside on the property.
Read the rest and tell me if you don't think the law in Barbados is an ass.


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