Monday, July 19, 2004

Cuba - Tropicana Dance Extravanga Denied Permission to Tour the U.S.

Once again Castro is using the U.S. as an excuse for Cuban's lack of liberty. Castro is angry because the United States has imposed restrictions on travel to Cuba,and now, Castro is taking this opportunity to punish the U.S.

Oh, well. This move only further punishes the Cuban population because Castro could very easily have the embargo lifted if he would only cooperate and accept the terms offered by the U.S. government. Rather than helping his people, like Saddam Hussein, he would rather enrich himself and be seen as "the guy in charge."

The Tropicana Troupes travel restrictions are only symbolic, but the losses to the Cuban people over more than forty years of Fidel's totalitarian rule are tragic. Fidel, just the say the word and your people will be free.


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