Monday, July 19, 2004

Gya: Iraqis would be gratified to know that the Iraq war is wrong

According to Prem Misir who believes it's all about oil and gas. Wow! How insightful! Nobody has ever come up with such in idea before? Amazing new thought!

BUSH’s war on Iraq is wrong. If the United States went into Iraq to root out weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) because their highly ‘sexed-up’ prewar intelligence confirms their existence, and now cannot find any, then the U.S. had other reasons to invade Iraq. It seems quite plausible to suggest that oil and gas may be powerful strategic motivating agents for U.S. aggression in Iraq. Why not? After all, the U.S. has an impressive track record of external interventionism, some covert, some overt, all with the aim of controlling other countries’ resources.
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