Saturday, July 17, 2004

Entangled in World Government: How Treaties Trump the Constitution

World Net Daily's Henry Lamb has exposed a serious danger to the freedoms of American citizens. Few Americans are aware of the longarm of the United Nations, and how slowly the U.N. is insinuated it's jurisdiction into our lives through treaties.

Before these treaties were signed, no American could be jailed for dumping sand on his property, or developing wetlands, or even for saving his own life agains a charging grizzly. Few Americans would disapprove of conserving the environment, but how many Americans know that these laws are based on internationa law, and because of treaties we can't rescind them even if we wanted to.

Among other powers, the U.N. can tax companies that drill for oil on the seabed and can collect royalties. Do we want to pay taxes and royalties directly to the U.N.? The U.N. today is run by Islamists. Those that are studying Islam understand the concept of dhimmitude and the poll tax that all non-Muslims must pay. This is an example of collecting the tax through the backdoor!

A new threat is emerging. John Kerry, the internationalist, has pledged even greater cooperation with international environmentalists and has pledged to sign more treaties that would subvert our national sovereignty. His wife, Teresa Heinz, has for many years, been involved in international organizations, may of which are hostile to the U.S., and are hoping that Kerry's election will give them greater jurisdiction. If nothing else, this should be a prime reason for not electing Kerry.

Follow the links in the article highlighted above to learn just how entagled we are.


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