Monday, July 12, 2004

Hti: Haitians to Caricom ... walk a mile in our boots

Caricom has proved to be irresponsible, incredibly so. First, for Haiti, there has never been a policy. There has never been a Caricom policy because it was just following Aristide. To a great extent, we in the Democratic Convergence did our best to get them to understand that it was not good. They continued and today, again, they persist in doing the same thing.

But there is something that needs to be noted: The countries which have adopted this position, namely Surinam, St. Vincent, Grenada and Barbados, are countries which have no relations with Haiti. The Caricom countries, except for Bahamas, do not have ambassadors to Haiti. There are no Caricom ambassadors to Haiti. Countries such as Jamaica and Bahamas have not taken a stand on this matter.

So, is that a manifestation of ignorance? Is this the result of a lack of understanding of the Haitian situation given that there are no ambassadors? Is this a manifestation of economic interests? I consider this interference in Haiti's internal affairs, all the more so since former prime minister Yvon Neptune is accused of something important: the La Scierie massacre. When fifty people are massacred, it is genocide.

This is something that must be brought to the attention of the international community to let them understand what Aristide represented. He killed fifty persons in La Scierie on the eve of his departure. Had he not left under the conditions we know, he would have killed five hundred people, he would have killed five thousand people.
Worse yet, Caricom's pique is based on ignorance.

It is notable that Caricom has done nothing to help Haiti, in terms of putting men on the ground who can provide them with hard data. The heads are busy pontificating on the country from a distance by accepting Aristide's version of things as truth.

Here's more Haitian response.:
The request for Neptune's release is a scandalous and immoral act. A regional organization that pretends to be defending democracy and human rights cannot continue to show that it is in the service of the dictators, arsonists, murderers and criminals of the ousted regime. Given that it did not manage to deliver its cargo of weapons to Jean-Bertrand Aristide on time for the extermination of the Haitian people, Caricom prefers to display a revolting contempt for the La Scyrie massacre in Saint-Marc.


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