Tuesday, July 27, 2004

TT: No burqas in court

The gates of Siparia Magistrates’ Court remained shut yesterday, and the mother of a 12-year-old girl barred from entering the courtroom as the girl, her father and three Venezuelan women reappeared in court.

They were charged with possession of nine sophisticated guns, a hand grenade, ten blocks of cocaine, 347 rounds of assorted ammunition, a bulletproof vest and 600 grammes of marijuana.

Police kept watch in front of the courtyard as scores of people lined the street to catch a glimpse of Martin Noreiga, 34, of Southern Main Road, Aripero Village, Rousillac, his 12-year-old relative of Nelson Street, Port-of-Spain, Erica Rondon, 30, of Costa Azul, Margarita, Venezuela, her mother Beatrice Rondon, 55, and sister Adriana Rondon, 18, both of San Juan, Caracas, Venezuela.
The girl’s mother created a stir when she attempted to enter the courtroom clad in full Muslim wear.

Decked in a black gown, black gloves, a veil and a black hijab, with only her eyes showing, the woman broke down in tears when police told her she would not be allowed to enter without taking off her veil

Attorney Leon Gookool, who appeared on behalf of the 12-year-old girl, said her mother’s constitutional rights had been infringed.

But David said her dress code had made her a security risk.
Police arrested the group around 4.30 pm last Thursday.

They allegedly seized nine firearms, including one Mac I, one Mac 11, two Mac 10s, three semi-automatic pistols, one .38 Smith and Wesson revolver, two .382 handguns, a live hand grenade, two AK-47 magazines and 359 rounds of ammunition of various calibres, which were found in a crocus bag.
Were they planning to start a war?

It's incredible to think that a Trini woman would permit the imposition of the bondage of a burqa. This nonsense is a result of letting that Libya-funded criminal Abu Bakr walk free after his murders during the attempted coup of 1990. With his freedom, his Jamaat al Muslimeem grew in strength amongst malcontents and the dispossessed. That, in conjunction with the Arabization of Islam in TT, has led to women imprisoned in these ridiculous garments.

Given the threat that Islamists pose to TT, it should come as no surprise that the woman was denied access to the courts. After all, anyone and anything could be under that get up.

Note well, the kid is the right age to have been a product of the Muslimeen system.


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