Sunday, July 25, 2004

U.S.: Takin' care of business

All weekend.

I've been working like a dog. Heck, call me Lassie. Made mega-changes to that website I've been working on. Right now, I'm working on building a slide show. Actually, I'm using somebody else's PHP script -- it's acting up big time but will work. Once that is done, the whole page goes for final approval.

After finishing up tonight, I've got to get my tail in gear and ready for China. The emptying of the house has begun. I shudder at the thought of the books I've got to pack. All my Theology stuff; then there's the languages; then the two piles of research copies that I used for the MA thesis -- stuff that will be very handy for a dissertation; piles upon piles of novels, cuz I read to help me cope with stress. Is that wack or what?! On top of that is the electronic toys. I loooove electronic gadgets. Two things I hate to part with -- books and electronics. Clothes, food, even money sometimes, you can have. Books and electronics, leave them to heck alone.

Ah, well. The upheaval is going to be worth it. I get to learn Chinese -- Mandarin/Cantonese -- through immersion. From what I see, Chinese has to be easier than German. You ever have a language that you just can't get a good grip on? For me, that's German. Who invented German? How many beers did he have in him? Who was he royally pissed off at? My problem with German is simply this -- the logic of the language escapes me. It makes no damn sense. Guess I won't be reading Heidegger in the original anytime soon. Heh. Who cares?

Anyway, lemme see what's shakin' in the Caribbean.


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