Thursday, July 22, 2004

TT: Life looking up for Noel Lochan

Noel without the boils.

Noel Lochan smiled shyly with happiness as Health Minister John Rahael visited him at the San Fernando General Hospital yesterday and promised to give him a job in the health sector.

Rahael, who went to the hospital in an effort to settle the impasse between doctors and nurses which had caused the suspension of surgery for two days this week, took time off to visit the Princes Town teenager.

Lochan was admitted to the hospital on Rahael’s instructions in April for treatment of the boils which had covered his body.

Rahael told the young man, “As soon as you are fully recovered and strong enough, I have a position waiting for you in the health sector.”

Lochan, who worked at a poultry depot, had become a prisoner in his home because of the inflamed boils which had covered his body before the Guardian highlighted his plight on April 22.

He quit his job and his parents Cheryl and Lionel kept him indoors, covered under a sheet, because he had become the target of cruel jokes.


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