Thursday, July 22, 2004

Gya: Rules set for death squad panel

The death squad commission of inquiry has reached agreement on the procedures for its operation, its chairperson Justice of Appeal Ian Chang said yesterday.

At a meeting held yesterday, members of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry agreed on the rules which will guide the three-man panel as it probes the allegations about Home Affairs Minister Ronald Gajraj's involvement in unlawful killings. Justice Chang chairs the commission, which includes ex-army head Norman McLean and former chancellor of the judiciary Keith Massiah.
Gajraj is on leave to rest fears about any interference during the conduct of the investigation. He has always maintained his innocence of the allegations, which were made by a self-claimed informant for the squad, George Bacchus, who was murdered recently.
Gajraj is on leave, but is he in communication with anyone on the DS Commission? That's the question!


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