Thursday, July 22, 2004

U.S.: Addressing plain criticisms plainly

"Plain Truth," in response to the post "Balkanizing Trinidad -- Muslims want to create a society in a society," wrote a somewhat aggrieved response. Well, let's take a closer look at it.

It is so easy for so many people to take things out of context and to blatantly publish nonsense. I attended the lecture on Islamic Villages and I was very impressed. Firstly this "Village " will not only be open to Muslims but to all those who are interested in having a more comfortable life than we have now.
Precisely what is being "taken out of context" the writer never says. If it's the creation of "Islamic villages" then, pray tell, how is the news report taking it "out of context" and what makes it "nonsense"?

If Maulanas Hosein and Nasir -- are they originally from TT, by the way? -- indicate a preference to live a perfect Islamic life and consider that that can only be accomplished by establishing "Muslim villages," then what is out of context?

Is it out of context to argue that the establishment of such villages will balkanize TT society? Then how so? TT has always been a pluralistic society in which people lived where they chose. Some places are predominantly ethnically Indian, some African. Within these communities, people of different religious beliefs have lived side-by-side quite peaceably and invited each other to religious events. Hindus invite non-Hindus to pujas and to Diwali related events; non-Muslims have gone to Hosay events; non-Christians have attended Christian ceremonies. That is how TT has been. Diverse people co-existing without let or hindrance, not having to follow any law but that of the State, not always harmoniously, but not allowing the differences to be paramount.

Therefore, when Muslims say they want to establish separate "Muslim villages" so that they may live separate from the rest, but the rest are welcome if they wish to abide by the laws of these villages -- rather than that of the State -- then balkanization will effectively occur. What law will the Muslims in these villages live by? Shari'ah or state law? What law will the non-Muslims who choose to be present there be required to live by? Shari'ah or state law? That the Maulanas ban alcohol, cigarettes, and walking around bare-backed is a clear signal that state law will not be the supreme authority in these villages for neither alcohol, cigarettes, nor being bare-backed is illegal in TT, and no man has the right to tell another how to live as long as his actions are within the law. The Maulanas do propose to tell residents and visitors to the "Mvs" how to live. Therefore, the law must be Shari'ah; therefore, one concludes that these "Muslim villages" will be autonomous regions within a state. That is balkanization.

To use race and the high crime rate in TT as an excuse, as Maulana Hosein tries to do, is pure spin. Everyone is affected by the crime rate in TT, and the business class seems to be more so because they have money. If the business class is predominantly Indian, then one might be tempted to argue for an anti-Indian bias to the crimes; however, were they to be mostly African, the same set of crimes would be committed against them. Therefore, one may not argue that the crime is committed against race as much as it is against class, the moneyed class. That, of course, is no comfort at all to those who are beset by crime in so small a country.

Moreover, Hosein's true agenda become clear when he speaks about the "Mvs" establishing their own schools. There are already Muslim schools in TT, and students of all race and religions attend them, especially the high schools, as long as they pass the entrance exams. Why can the residents of these proposed villages not attend the institutions that already exist? Why must they construct their own in these villages? The idea is one of separation from the body politic; how can that not be balkanization? How can Hosein's ideas be taken out of context when he has so clearly expressed his intent?

"Plain Truth" whines that
Muslims have been stereotyped all over the world and despite this ISLAM continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Ask yourself why ? In Trinidad Muslims have to fight for Land and Financial assisstance whereas other groups get what they want. ( Anyone that can prove me wrong I am waiting ).
If there is a "stereotype" of Muslims today, who has created it? Muslims themselves have done so by unceasing acts of barbarism and terror -- by bombings, beheadings, rapes, and generally uncivilized behavior. Do all Muslims do this? No. Do those Muslims who don't do these things rise up and cry out when their brethren do them? No. Instead, there is silence; and, the legal maxim is that silence betokens consent. Therefore, one may conclude that Muslims do assent to the barbaric and terroristic acts of other Muslims. How is that a "stereotype"? To consent to the thing is to become the thing.

As for that old canard that "Islam is the fastest growing religion today," it is what it is. If you wish to argue that many Christians are being forced to become Muslims (Egypt, Iraq, Sudan, and other points Islamic), then I would not demur, for that is the truth. However, in actual fact, Christianity, which adherents kidnap and rape no-one as a means conversion, is the fastest growing religion in the world.

As for the argument that TT Muslims "have to fight for Land and Financial assisstance whereas other groups get what they want," do remember that the government, via the National Housing Authority, builds and sells homes as a means of making home-ownership more affordable to all citizens. Moreover, those who have no need of NHA are free to purchase property wherever they will. If the gripe is made vis-a-vis Spiritual Baptists, who had once been persecuted in TT, well, that's another story, and the state may be making just recompense. Muslims in TT have no such history of persecution. Furthermore, I seem to recall that the terrorist Jamaat al Muslimeen seized property in Mucurapo and had their unlawful seizure ratified by the government. Additionally, why should Muslims want a government hand out when many of the prominent businessmen in TT are Muslim?

Additionally, "Plain Truth," who clearly has not done any research, tosses this howler:
Remember that HIV and AIDS do not affect the Muslim Countries, in fact it is very negligable (sic).
The answer to this absurdity may be found here. Read here to see how the geniuses in the Islamic world respond to the AIDS crisis. If you thought Nigeria and polio was ridiculous, this is even more dangerously so. See here, too for more up-to-date info. As long as the forced separation of the sexes is a feature of Islamic life, homosexuality will be too, whether by inclination or biological necessity. Some of these young people are going to get their jollies by any means necessary. Even in Saudi Arabia, the young have sex with each other outside of marriage ... compounding the problem is that the sex is homosexual and lesbian.

Finally, this non sequitur.
Also Almost all Imams are not paid to perform their services, unlike other faiths where leaders live in massive mansions and drive fancy cars at the expense of their flock and I could go on and on but why?
This is so far from the plain truth that it's laughable. Go research and read about the corruption of the mullahs in that pure Islamic state, Iran. Go find out that the imams in Saudi are state hirees. Find out about the wealth of the ayatollahs ... how did they get that way, I wonder.

As I've said on more than one occasion, I grew up in a country with Muslims. I never had a problem with Islam until Islam had a problem with me. When civilization, faith, and continued existence are threatened daily by Islamics around the globe, I will not remain silent nor will I prattle false, mealy-mouthed pieties about Islam.

My stance on Islam is well known from my postings, and it is entirely rooted in how Islam presents itself through its writings and the acts of its adherents. Islam is not a religion but is a political ideology with a false deity and is worse than Nazism because of its intent to achieve global domination by genocide.

That's where I am; that's where I stand.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a uninformed idiot you are. You need to put down the beer and smell the coffee, sonny. "Islamics" causing problems globally?
Who invaded Iraq? Who's threatening Iran every day? Better pick up a history book and start reading. Muslim only villages? Garbage. Hosein has said that it would be strategically disastrous not to have non-Muslims in these villages.
Global domination? Get your head out of your ass. The ones who are aiming for global domination are white western terrorists(the vast majority of the worlds terrorists) who have hundreds of military bases around the world with puppet regimes installed everywhere. These same terrorists have been at it for the last 500 years, including Nazism.
"Caribpundit"? Yeah right, its obvious you're just another pile of yankee excrement high on his own stench. You probably can't find Trinidad on a map.

5:00 PM  

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