Wednesday, July 21, 2004

U.S.: Non-existent blogging

Today was the seal-the-grouting-in-the-tile-flooring day. My bud made a request so off I went. Hit the road this morning, came back in this PM, bounced the starter again to find a book on Chinese language. Came across "Beginner's Chinese Script" (Scurfield & Song, Teach Yourself series). It looks good for a week or two study before I get the one I really want. From what I see, Chinese seems to be intuitive ... like using a Mac. Hey, I've done Hebrew and Koine Greek, how difficult could Chinese be? Anyway, you'll hear me bitch about it if it is.

I also came across another book "How to Make out in Chinese." This one contains all the cuss-words and such that you'll need to run lyrics past someone and blow him off when he irks you. So, that's another I intend to buy.

Meantime, I've got to scout the web to find a cheap fare to Hong Kong and from there to the mainland. Anybody working with an airline and can come up with a $50 seat? I live in hope.

It's waaayy hot here in the MidWest. Somebody turned on the oven and left the door open. Right now, I'm sweating out all that beer and mojito I had last week.

Anyway, my body hurts, and I'm too pooped to pucker or to pop. So, I'll hit my bed and blog in the A.M.

One last word, I found out that I'll actually be able to blog from China. I may not be able to read some of the blogs, though. There's a downside to everything.

Night and God bless. That's the upside.


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