Thursday, July 22, 2004

Cuba: Got milk?

HAVANA, July 20 (Moisés Leonardo Rodríguez, Grupo Decoro / - Andrés Peña, a peasant who works a small tract of land in the area known as Los Negritos, near Banes, Holguín province, says inspectors from the ministry of Agriculture have repeatedly threatened him with fines and even confiscation of his cattle if he doesn't deliver all the milk his cows produce to the government.

Guillermo Llanes, a local human rights activist, says the usual stipulation is that agricultural producers deliver part of their produce to the State and be allowed to keep some for their consumption. He said the inspectors are pressuring Peña to deliver the entire output of his small herd.

Llanes said the matter has been scheduled for a hearing in nearby Banes as a result of Peña's complaints.
What do Charlie Rangel and Danny Glover, both Castro-lovers, have to say about this?


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