Tuesday, July 27, 2004

U.S.: Now it's real!

In two days time, I should have a ticket to China in my hot little hands. Excitement or sheer terror at the unknown, I dunno which, has me by the throat. What on earth is this Sp.B woman going to do in China? And, for a whole year, no less.

Gotta get shots (I feel like a dog!) and all that stuff. I hate getting shots. Everytime I get those things, I fall sick, either with fever or something else.

Here's the upside, I figure I'll lose 15-25+ lbs. It would be nice to become a size 8/9 or whatever one loses 15-25lbs away from a size 12. More importantly, I learn Chinese. Too, there's the chance to explore China and, hopefully, Vietnam during off times. Gotta pay respects to the boys who served there.

Got a friend in Novosibirsk, Russia. Who knows, that close, it might be possible to visit, no?

I'm thinking that it would be good to do a diary called "A Year in China." Who knows.



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