Wednesday, July 28, 2004

U.S.: Democrat Con....

John Edwards is speaking.

I thought he was supposed to be a great rhetorician. So far, it's been pap. SOSDD. Same old tired Democrat sizzle, no steak. Light on facts, heavy on emotion.

Update: Edwards caught in a retrospective lie. His mom worked in the post office so the family could have health care. That wasn't how it went 40-50 years ago. You paid a doctor when you went to visit.

Update 2: Here comes his two Americas speech. Who's dividing the country? His one united America is a socialist state in which the state provides for our every need. I'm from TT. Idon't want state run health care.

Update 3: Edwards is going on abouttwo school systems. One for the rich and one for the poor.Has this guy forgotten that the schools are controlled by the NEA which is in cahoots with the Democrats? If the schools suck, who's to blame? Just so.

Update 4: Get rid of tax breaks for companies outsourcing. Somebody ought to tell him Teresa won't like that.

He's talking about hard work should be valued in America. Yet, which party imposed the welfare state that undermined the work ethic, especially in black communities.

Edwards has a goodie bag chock full of cash. He's the Democrat Santa Claus. And he's playing class warfare games meaning to tax the 2% of the wealthiest tax payers. Newsflash, if those tax payers do like Edwards (incorporated himself so that though he's a mega-millionaire, he doesn't pay too much taxes) and Kerry and his wife (owning billions but paying less taxes than President Bush cuz of having all that money in some kind of tax dodge -- this in spite of the tax cut for ALL taxpayers), then there will be very little money to fund the list of goodies Edwards is proposing.

Update 5: Edwards is revving the crowd on the basis of class warfare and pandering to the socialist something-at-somebody-else's-expense sensibility of Democrats.

Frankly, I had expected better than a feel-good assortment of half-truths and tired old socialist pandering. I had expected new ideas. Nothing new. SOSDD.

Update 6: He's talking about the WoT. Brother, he's promising they'll do whatever it takes as long as it takes to make sure another attack never happens. Does that mean that Democrats will strengthen the Patriot Act, will deport illegals, will patrol the borders, will wage war if necessary? The crowd is growing wild while Edwards is saying pretty much what President Bush has been doing. I guess the problem they have with the WoT is that a Republican president is prosecuting it. What a friggin' bunch of hypocrites.

Update 7: Here is what Edwards is good at -- his talent is making the abstract concrete through emotional word pictures. Just imagine, the no-war Democrat crowd are cheering this guy's pro-war rhetoric. Incredible BS. Incredible hypocrisy.

How will Edwards fare against Cheney? Cheney will wipe the floor with him. Edwards is light on substance.

He kinda lost the crowd when he talked about increased funding for a bigger and better military. That was too much for them.

Oh, wow! The Arabs in the crowd are going to kill him. He talked about a more secure and safer Israel. What are the Arabs going to do now?!?!

Update 8: Pie in the sky chatter about convincing allies. Get real, dude.

Update 9: Ah, there's the trial lawyer creating pictures about the hardship of the military family. Says they've got friends amongst Democrats. ROFLMAO! I damn near died laughing when Edwards talked about funding the military cuz the guy he's running with has done everything he could to defund the military and the CIA.

He's given the dummy Democrat crowd a new mantra to repeat, and, like lemmings, they're parrotting it after him. 'Hope is on the way.'

BS stuff. A person has to be oblivious to facts and reality to be a Democrat.

Update 10: If you can't dazzle them details, baffle them with BS. Edwards has done the latter.


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