Thursday, July 15, 2004

U.S.: Call of dem dorgs

According to conservative, pony-tailed, legal stud-muffin Richard Riley, Operation Give's problem's been solved.

Quoth he:

The bottom line: a check has been cut, and is being overnighted to Kuwait. A copy of the check and the overnight receipt have been faxed, which is usually enough to secure a release. So, hopefully, Operation Give is back on track.

I won’t pretend it was my trip down there that did the trick. They’d already gotten lots of phone calls and e-mails, and a few media inquiries. Last time I checked, about 40 sites had written about this. But I figured it couldn’t hurt to let them know someone local was physically on the case. By the time I arrived, it had already become clear to them that they needed to make this go away, fast, and the wheels were in motion. However, when I show up in a suit (with the ACLU Lawyer Ponytail accessory), I can look pretty scary. That’s why I do it so rarely.

And when I left, I made sure it was on good terms, with contact info exchanged. In case we need to meet again. But I have a feeling … that’s a wrap! So call off the dawgs, they wuz lookin’ pretty beat down at Atlas…


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