Thursday, July 01, 2004

USVI: A Lazy nautical themed smackdown for troll edification.

It's been a long day so here's a crosspost from my local VI discussion board in response to a snarky statement/question from another plantation-free regular enquiring as to whether the uncanny similarity between our local moonbat's party line and that displayed by Saddam at his appearance today before a sovereign Iraqi court meant that the 'bats were "runnin' dahg Saddamites?"

Anyway, let fly the - slightly tweaked - puppies of flame war...
By their sad logic it would Archimedes.

...But in the real world of people who aren't afraid to see that there are straitforward consequences to such navigational laziness, our local branch of "the axis" (Axis of Idiots local 101) is just demonstrating the willful ignorance of those who suspect (deep down) that they're simple drunken deckhands hauling a load of big lies for fear of the emotional lash of a half-ration of grog.

They have apparently, of their own free-to-be-dumb will, rendered themselves incapable of opposing the self fellating flagellating meta-narrative of foundering "quagmire" handed to them by the irresponsibly ambitious navigators of their political leadership-wreck - who have openly compelled the once good ship Democrat to run itself upon terrorist shoals by sharing "fictitious" rhum lines with the likes of Michael Moore, Saddam and Al Qaeda...

They've demonstrated that they "Hate" anyone that threatened to hose-off the salt-encrusted superstructure of their glass boat - as they presumably prefer the imagined safety of the gray gloom from which to sling their dumb-bombs with skewed wire feeds cannibalized from the SS Democrat's broken moral compass.

Lesson one in the corporate Pirate code? Don't ever let the enemy set your course and...
"Never break the neutrality of a port or place, but never consider as neutral any place from whence an attack is allowed to be made." -Adm. Horatio Nelson
Avast and begone to yer scurvy night's rest..!


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