Monday, August 02, 2004

Vzla: Union Threatens Strike Over Recall

Hugo has some allies.
July 31 (Bloomberg) -- Venezuela's Sutiss union, which represents workers at the country's largest steel company, said it will call for a nationwide strike if President Hugo Chavez loses an Aug. 15 recall vote, Globovision television reported.
``Not one drop of oil, gasoline or lubricants will go to the U.S.,'

Sutiss President Ramon Machuca, who is also running for the governorship of the southeastern state of Bolivar, said the strike would be in support of democracy, and be industrywide. ``Not one drop of oil, gasoline or lubricants will go to the U.S.,'' Machuca said, Globovision reported.

The only way that Chavez can lose the recall is by fraud, he said. Machuca has repeatedly led strikes that have led to frequent shutdowns of Siderurgica del Orinoco, the country's largest steelmaker.

Polls show a close race as Chavez, 50, attempts to stay in power two years after being removed in an unsuccessful military coup.
Food for though or idle threat?


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