Tuesday, September 14, 2004

CaribPundit slinks back in after a Hurricane Ivan - lanche

Talk about a hurricane season...

Ivan, besides wrecking a good portion of the Caribbean, has swamped our carib.us digs with over 15 gigs of traffic (4gigs in one day!) effectively shutting us down.

On top of that our St. Croix annex (umm...me) is under a tropical storm warning!

Yep...Newly formed Tropical storm Jeanne is bee-lining it for St. Croix.

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Conditions are expected to deteriorate throughout the day as Jeanne approaches. By the time the center of TS Jeanne is over us here in STX, it's expected to pack Tropical storm force winds of 51.8 mph (45 knots) with higher gusts effecting us tonight and tomorrow. There is an even ten percent chance that the sustained winds will reach 70mph, so I'll be posting here until my wireless connection dinks out or I have to take my antenna down.

We have only just passed the halfway point of the 2004 hurricane season and if the second usually more active half keeps its climatological course, It's gonna be a windy fall.


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