Friday, February 27, 2004

Atg: Customs scotches potential all inclusive party

Police and customs officials have been investigating the presence of a large quantity of goods suspected to have entered Antigua & Barbuda illegally.

The incident occurred early Monday morning, when Chief Security Officer Basil Walters reported to the Bolans Police Station, that goods were being removed from one of the villas at the Jolly Harbour and were being loaded onto a truck.

Police responded where they met Anthony Emmanuel, the son of well-known calypsonian Sir McLean "King Short Shirt" Emmanuel and a woman companion, along with an unidentified driver. The driver ran from the area.

The goods include 30 cases of Vitamalt, 30 cases of Guinness, 38 cases of Carib beer, 40 cases of Corona beer, 40 cases of Ceres Light, 56 cases of President beer, 40 cases of Red Stripe, 48 cases of Heineken, 24 cases of assorted drinks, 20 cases of Ting and 20 cases of lemonade, diapers, a washing machine, and electric water heater.

Customs have seized the items.

Deputy Comptroller of Customs Bailey did not detain Emmanuel or his woman companion

I can help Customs get rid of the beer, fer sher.


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