Friday, February 27, 2004

Bdos: Newton's got a point

The man brave enough to turn the familiar modern-woman’s adage that “all men are dogs” on its head is Dr Isaac Newton.

Newton is an author and motivational speaker, an Ivy-league university graduate (he attended Princeton and Harvard, as well as Colombia University (sic)) who as he puts it was “manufactured in the Caribbean, but put together in Antigua”.

He was in Barbados recently promoting his book which bears the attention-grabbing title: If All Men Are Dogs, Then Women Are Dog-Groomers. The book’s title begs the question – just what does he mean by it all?

According to Newton in a lecture held at the headquarters of the National Organisation Of Women, it simply means that men and women’s negative sexual and romantic behaviour feed off of each other.

“Men are not dogs in a vacuum. Women don’t participate in ‘doggish’ behaviour in a vacuum,” he said during the lively discussion that followed his presentation.

But do women really encourage this behaviour which hurts them? Do women in other words “groom” the dogs that then turn around to bite them?

“To the extent that men do engage in doggish behaviour and practices, to the same extent there’s a sort of connection between the ways in which men benefit from doggish practices because women comply,” he told the small, engrossed audience.

Newton's got a point. Males tend to do that which women will let them get away with. Quite often, women tend to blame male "doggish" behavior on other women, thus treating the male as though he were some sort of spineless twit, easily led by the first skirt that comes down the pike. Why should a male be a man when a female does not require a man? When females grow into women and start demanding males be men, then there will be a decline in "doggish" behavior. You do get that which you want.


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