Friday, February 27, 2004

Vzla: G-15 Fort Knox?

Why has Chavez deployed 50,000 soldiers? Is it to protect or to fight?

Bloomberg’s Alex Kennedy reports from Caracas that 50.000 soldiers have been called out to protect the leaders assisting to the G-15 summit held in that city, although a more truthful definition would be G-6 but that’s beyond the argument. An impressive military contingency operation to protect freedom warriors armed with continental liberating swords, isn’t it?

Hugo Chavez is scared shitless, that’s a fact, or else why such an unnecessary deployment of military force? Who is ensuring today that the borders of the country are safe and inhabitants of those areas are protected from Colombian terrorists? Is it by leaving the door wide open that he will repel the widely expected US invasion? Or is it a trap and Bernal and Lina Ron will summon the Bolivarian fighters to ambush American soldiers in Puente Llaguno? No one has the answers to these questions for nobody knows for certain what’s the plan of the criminal and illegitimate president; lest of course that he will not abandon peacefully the presidency. One thing is rather obvious though, Venezuelans better look to other places for referenda.


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