Thursday, March 25, 2004

Gulf war III

Donkeys versus the Peacenics
There's a serious war going on in the heads of Democrat strategists and their talking-point stormtrooper's . illustrated by the yawning gulf between the past and present rhetoric coming from the anointed'.

From Brain Terminal:
"Some people would like you to think President Bush lied when he talked about Saddam Hussein's weapons. But, if Bush lied, then so did many of the people who are criticizing him now. When Bill Clinton was in office, his fellow Democrats had much to say about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. But, if you hear them talk now, you'd think the entire party suffers from amnesia. Democrats used to talk tough about Iraq. They did when one of their own was in the White House. And they did when polls showed it was politically helpful to support President Bush. But now, it's campaign season, and they've changed their tune. To find out if the spin was sticking, I quizzed some peace protesters using hawkish quotes from notable Democrats."

Be sure to scroll down on the linked page to watch the hilarious video shot by Evan Coyne Maloney of Brain Terminal during the March 20 NYC protests.


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