Thursday, March 25, 2004

Ja: Michael Burke, rude bwoy without balls

Michael Burke is at it again; he's advising his fellow Jamaicans to be cheese-eating surrender monkeys who will abandon their independence for fear of Islamic terrorism. In Burke's world view, being a coward is better than standing with an old ally to fight for one's way of life.

So Jean-Bertrand Aristide is to move again. But even if he stays here, why should we worry about how the USA feels about it? Why would our national heroes spend so much time fighting for independence if we refuse to understand sovereignty and principle? But more importantly, in the international political realities today, it is better for the United States to be vexed with us than certain others are.
Burke is arguing against himself here. If his argument on independence is followed to its logical conclusion, then Jamaicans would act as they see fit regardless of anybody's displeasure. However, Burke is arguing that Jamaicans can ignore the U.S. because that country will not engage in anti-Jamaican terrorism; however, in his view, Jamaica cannot afford to anger Islamic terrorists. Thus, Burke implies that appeasement trumps independence, and, worse yet, that Jamaicans should only stand up to those whom they know will not harm them. This is cowardice par excellence.

Burke continues:
If the United States Government is vexed, it might mean a cut in foreign aid. If certain others are vexed with us, it could mean a few bombs. This is the world reality today, like what happened in Spain. Of course, there will be those who will say that it will not happen here. But that depends on how we play our cards.
The prospect of much needed U.S. foreign aid is nothing when compared with the possibility of a bomb in the hand of an Islamic terrorist. Essentially, Burke advocates a Jamaican foreign policy in which cowardice is the paramount national self-interest.

He also writes:
Ronald Reagan called Seaga "our man in the Caribbean" as if he had appointed him the US ambassador to Jamaica. In today's reality, a Jamaican prime minister who is that "chummy" with George W Bush might trigger off a deadly reaction from another part of the world. The political realities of the world have changed, but there are still many of us who have not noticed.

Political manoeuvres are a fact of life and they are made everywhere: in government, in business, in church, you name it.
Ah, yes, there we go again. Stand up like a man for the U.S.; fold like a wet panty before Islamic terrorism. Burke may not intend it, but his words are a tremendous compliment to the U.S. which will not compel its allies with bombs.

According to Burke, the only card Jamaica can play is the cheese-eating surrender monkey card made famous by the French. The path Burke would have Jamaica take is surely the path to the destruction of the very vital Jamaican society, culture, and way of life. Let's not anger the Islamists, says Burke; they will bomb and kill us if we do. What happens when the Islamists come and say, as they have historically, "convert or die"? Will Burke then advise Jewish and Christian Jamaicans to become Muslim to avoid being bombed? Which is worse? To abandon principle and cower in fear or to take proactive steps with an ally, in spite of the risk, simply because the alternative is untenable? I, for one, am very happy that Michael Burke is not a Trini, because he would have wanted the T&T government to submit to the Islamic terrorists who attempted the coup in 1990.

Burke then turns to discussing Brian Lara's continued captaincy of the West Indies. He argues that T&T's monetary contribution to UWI and provision of asphalt for Jamaica's roads mean that Lara will remain as captain in spite of the team's poor performance.
In short, we need what Trinidad has to offer so Jamaica will not offend them by speaking against their hero, Brian Lara, even if he does a ballet dance on the field instead of playing cricket. But to accept that argument would make no use arguing about cricket, which would deprive many of discussion for pastime.
What is significant about Burke's thought is that it reveals his utter cowardice. T&T, like the U.S. can be stood up to without fear. Islamic terrorists cannot. Jamaican men ought to deck Michael Burke in a burqa and so remove the stain he's busily placing on their honor.


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