Thursday, March 25, 2004

Gya: Bandits force law abiding citizens into nomadic lifestyle

Residents of some of the crime-affected East Coast villages are fleeing their homes and in some instances demolishing them in the face of renewed attacks by bandits operating out of Buxton.

Besieged by the criminals for almost two years, the residents had begun to breathe a sigh of relief late last year and earlier this year. But just when things showed some signs of improvement, they are again at the mercy of a money-hungry gang.

Over the past two weeks, numerous persons have been robbed. Last Friday night some 15 armed bandits terrorised Zarina Singh and her family for nearly two hours in Lusignan.

Already one family of Strathspey Railway Embank-ment and three at Lusignan have fled their homes in fear. They are now living in homes owned by their relatives but this has not changed their state of mind.
So where are the Guyanese police? What are they being paid for? What is the Minister of Home Affairs Ronald Gajraj doing to protect the citizens of Guyana? Apparently, police are paid in big stones, hence their inaction, and Gajraj, allegedly involved with death squads, doesn't want to throw the first stone. Unless this type of insanity is checked, we're lookiing at the dissolution of civil society in Guyana.


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