Sunday, March 28, 2004

PR: Afghani caught trying to enter the U.S. illegally

An Afghan man detained among dozens of Dominican migrants on a boat off Puerto Rico appeared in immigration court Thursday as the government began removal proceedings.

Ghulem Hassan, 44, was not required to enter a plea, and his next hearing was set for April 7, according to immigration court records.

"He's in removal proceedings," said Michael Gilhooly, a spokesman for the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. "It's a case like any other case... The individual tried to enter the United States illegally."

Hundreds of people each month attempt to migrate from economically depressed Dominican Republic to this neighboring U.S. Caribbean territory.
Officials said Hassan could face deportation or leave the country on his own accord. He was being held without bond.

Hassan told U.S. officials he had previously lived in California and New York, according to reports in Puerto Rican newspapers.
It would be interesting to know where Hassan came from, how did he hook up with the Dominicans, who sent him, and if he was trying to pass himself off as Dominican (one could be justified in thinking that). Islamists could pass themselves off as Latino, until they opened their mouths, that is. Also, If Hassan had previously lived in CA and NY, why was he not able to enter the U.S. legally? Or, is he able to enter the U.S. legally but was using the Dominican route as a test run to see if there is access to the U.S. via Puerto Rico. Does he have anything to do with Castro, Chavez, or the Muslim Triangle is what I really want to know.


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