Monday, March 29, 2004

T&T: Local fishermen attacked by Spanish-speaking pirates

One of the men who was aboard the Cedros fishing boat that was in a deadly attack on Friday night by Spanish-speaking pirates, yesterday appealed for more Coast Guard patrols. "Without more patrols might not be able to go out to sea," he said.

The late night attack 13 miles off Soldado Rock, Cedros, within Trinidad's boundary, resulted in the death of 21-year-old Shane Abraham.

Speaking to reporters yesterday, fisherman Sirju Singh said it was at around 11.30 p.m. when their boat was bumped by their attackers.
Singh however lamented that the Coast Guard base in Cedros was in dire need of equipment. "They have no equipment there. They (the Coast Guard) could only go daylight and go to Icacos and come back. They can't do nothing... they cant do nothing. We should call them land guard they have no boats just a lil' pirogue..."

He said if they received the equipment to work with they could patrol in the night but as the situation stands now fishermen were wary about venturing out again until proper patrols were provided
Given the proximity of Venezuela to Cedros, it is quite likely that the pirates were Venezuelans, as they have been, historically. So, what is Manning going to do about the piracy and about providing equipment so that T&T's land guard becomes a coast guard?


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