Wednesday, March 31, 2004

U.S.: From the religion of peace

Pictures of the atrocities in Fallujah. May God grant rest and peace to the souls of the departed, and may His eternal light shine upon them.

What the barbarians do not realize is that this is not Somalia, and the name of the president is not Clinton. More, the barbarians have the Marines to deal with in the wake of this.

Thanks to Allah and Baldilocks for the link. Here's part of what Baldilocks says:

Back in the days when information didn't flow so freely, American terrorists like these--who would commit acts equally as heinous--flourished and often got away scot- and conviction-free. Just forty-plus years ago--my lifetime--this sort of thing got either approval or cowed silence from those who knew about it.

So what's the difference?

When these acts became known and documented, a large portion of Americans started to ask its government?its leaders--to live up to the laws that had been set down by their forefathers and, before them, by the Father, Himself. The people demanded that America actually be what it claimed to be. And it worked. Why? Because the idea, the foundation of America wasn't and isn't based on a murderous ideology.

Can we say the same of any Islam-based country/nation/society?

From where I sit, such atrocities are to be expected from a society that is Islamic in origin.
I concur. 100 percent.

Here's another post that argues the superiority of Judaeo-Christian civilization.

The barbarians chant "Fallujah is the cemetery for Americans". Let us hope that they're prophetic and that the Marines turn Fallujah into a cemetery for barbarians.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for this AWESOME blog! This is the best parody of right wing, "christian" conservative, fear mongering, head-in-the-sand nut jobs who've been running this country for so long. You do such a good job of aping their values/rhetoric that I'd SWEAR you were one yourself! But good stuff - your attacks on Canada had me spitting out my coffee in fits of laughter. I especially like the stuff about the "superiority of Judeo-Christian civilization". Man - I'm going to cancel my subscription to "The Onion"'s blog, and maybe Cracked's blog as well - the real laughs are here!

Thanks again and keep up the great work - this type of parody/satire is priceless!

2:11 PM  

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