Monday, March 29, 2004

Vzla: Chavistas for Kerry

Venezuelan Foreign Minister (MRE) Jesus Arnoldo Perez has told El Universal that Venezuela's relations with the United States would improve if President George W. Bush were to lose a presidential election this fall.  He blames Bush for currently tense dip0lomatic relations between Venezuela and the United States saying that the Bush administration's hostile statements against Venezuela are not conducive the the fraternal conduct of international affairs.
Venezuelan government officials have not yet responded to the Kerry website statement believing that it is yet another Venezuelan political opposition manipulation of the facts in their continued effort to overthrow the government. 
Does anybody believe anything Kerry says?

Here's a guy who fisks Kerry's statement; it goes without saying, the guy doesn't believe what Kerry says either.

Here's another Kerry fan who gives him advice on how to defeat GWB by playing the race card, amongst other things. He's a Yank who says the U.S. is imploding.


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