Monday, March 29, 2004

T&T: Lifestyle changes affects fish vendors

Andre Jackson was left with another load of unsold fish. He had red fish, carite and several other types at his stall.

He said: "I buy fresh fish everyday and most of it has to be dumped because people are not buying.''

He can't understand why people were not buying, especially during the Lenten season when the sale of fish soars.
Said fishmonger Jackson: "We have noticed a drastic decrease in the sale of fish this year. That is quite a surprise because this is when people would usually flock to the market place for fish. Today is no different from any other day this season and as you can ...
One reason: More and more housewives are buying their fish at supermarkets.

An official at JTA Supermarkets at Carlton Centre, San Fernando said there has been an increase in demand for frozen and seasoned fish.

He offered this explanation. "These days many women are working and it is easier to stop by a supermarket and pick up some seasoned fish,'' he said noting that for people to get fresh fish from the Central Market they had to go early on mornings and that was no longer feasible for many.

Manager of Jumbo Foods Supermarkets, Rishi Seeram, said they too had experienced an upsurge in the sale of frozen fish.
These women have to be kidding! Pass up fresh fish to eat tasteless frozen?!?! Yes, scaling, cleaning, and seasoning fish is a time consuming business, but at least you know the fish is really clean.


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