Friday, March 26, 2004

Vzla: How Chavez is undermining the rule of law

This is a taste; read the rest.

The Chavez government has insisted for months that the 3 million signatures validly collected during the referendum petition drive are the product of a megafraud. This is a lie, as everyone in the diplomatic community, the Carter Center and the serious media know. Even Juan Forero, by far the most sympathetic-to-Chavez reporter with a foreign newspaper, acknowledges this much.

What's most infuriating and most pathetic about the Chavez government's attempt to keep alive some suspicion that the signatures are fake is the lack of detail or logical coherence in the official story. The word "megafraude" has been repeated one and a million times. The mechanics of the supposed fraud have never been explained in public in any coherent way.


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