Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Bdos: Lemmings

The title of the article is a tongue in cheek "Local churches still not behind homosexuality." The Church cannot remain Church and stand for homosexuality.

HOMOSEXUALITY is back as a topical issue once again. This time as a result of an assertion recently made by Professor E.R. "Mickey" Walrond, while delivering a lecture on "AIDS and The Church" at the St. Leonard's Anglican Church.

During Wednesday night's lecture, Professor Walrond reportedly expressed the hope that Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean would shortly "follow [what he believes to be] the mainstream" as it relates to this country's greater socio-legal acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle. A process which the eminent local physician cited as being historically hindered by the Church, particularly within its role as arbiter of the public's morals. According to the Professor therefore, laws seen as constraining lifestyle practices such as homosexuality and others usually frowned upon by society, "have been put there at the behest of the church."

Roman Catholic Bishop Malcolm Galt was among local denominational heads speaking recently to the Barbados Advocate on this issue, and expressed the view that there are "two distinct areas" which always need to be taken into consideration, when debating volatile issues like the decriminalisation of homosexuality or prostitution. Noting that "one is morality, and the other is illegality," the Bishop consequently affirmed his church's position on the matter, asserting that "even if the law changes and makes [homosexuality] legal, that would not make it moral."
One would think that the litany of medical ailments which attend the homosexual lifestyle would also argue against its legalization. The Caribbean cannot afford its ongoing HIV/AIDS crisis; can it afford to combat Hepatitis C, which will surely spread from bisexual males -- too many of those in the Caribbean -- to the heterosexual population? Can it afford the further devastation of the family, which is already pressured by the high incidence of out of wedlock births? Do Caribbean countries also want grandfathers to have sexual relations with their granddaughters? What's the argument against incest if homosexuality is the social norm?

Walrond and the rest of the "enlightened intelligentsia" want Caribbean peoples to be lemmings. They want to tell the Caribbean that we should follow "the mainstream" about homosexuality, and the Church is the stumbling block to a laissez faire morality in society. On the one hand, they criticize every good thing that America does (cf. Iraq, Haiti); on the other hand, they want blind acceptance of every idiotic social policy coming from the North. Whether Caribbean societies can afford the costs of adopting American social policy is an issue they never seem to consider. Because of these mindless liberals, school systems have declined all throughout the Caribbean as school discipline has been replaced by parental lawsuits and student violence against teachers. After all, that is the enlightened way to run schools. What have we got as a result? Unrestrained gang warfare, assaults, shootings, choppings, and bomb threats. So, we should be lemmings with regard to only those things which can harm us and our economies.

We know what the Caribbean has got as a result of liberalism in education, and nobody likes it and knows how to reverse it. We also know what we have got as a result of both homosexuality, bisexuality, and sexual promiscuity amongst Caribbeans. Walrond, in effect, is saying 'we want more.'


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