Thursday, April 15, 2004

Bmda: Delicate moves on independence

Alex Scott’s ministers had an hour to quiz Tony Blair on any subject they chose yesterday after the British Prime Minister attended the weekly Cabinet meeting.

They didn’t raise the prickly subject of Independence from Britain, although it was “lightly touched on” during a dinner at Camden on Monday night, said Premier Scott.
Mr. Blair declined to talk to The Royal Gazette outside Cabinet Office but Mr. Scott said: “It was just a general conversation.
Mr. Scott has called for a national debate on Independence.

When asked if anyone raised the subject with Mr. Blair yesterday, Mr. Scott said: “Not today. We lightly touched on it last evening but not in any depth.

“We both agree that interdependency is an equally important policy with all countries, so even as we discuss Independence here in Bermuda, we were looking to how we would relate to other countries even if we were to change our status from dependent territory to sovereign nation.

“He was saying that large states and small states everywhere are seeking out partners in the process of globalisation, and I agree.”


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