Wednesday, April 28, 2004

PR: La luta continua

SAN JUAN (AP)– The organization All of Puerto Rico with Vieques announced on Tuesday a forum on decontamination and development of the island municipality to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the United States Navy’s withdrawal from the island.

Group spokesman, Jose Paralitici, said.... “In this stage of the struggle it is important that we are well informed about claims being made by Vieques residents pertaining the decontamination of lands formerly occupied by the Navy for over six decades, many of which will be unusable unless they are cleaned up,” said Paralitici in a press release.
Paralitici, from the Marxist flavor of his language, clearly views the U.S. Navy as some kind of oppressor. Yet, the Navy is an "oppressor" whose funds Paralitici needs. For,
Paralitici added that although the Navy’s withdrawal was a great victory, there are still issues related to land transfer, decontamination of areas, and their development that remain unsolve.
What words does he have for all those who lost their livelihood?


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