Friday, April 30, 2004

U.S.: Haven't heard

How come almost no one says anything about the unlawful combatants from various countries that are being held in Afghanistan? All the talk one hears is about those who are sitting fat and slightly unhappy -- with the exception of the Chechens who are fat and happy, and whose families want them to stay in Gitmo because of the excellent care the U.S. is giving them, far better than anything they'd get in Russia.

Here's this report.

Thousands of Pakistanis were captured in Afghanistan following the fall of Taliban regime but not all of them were brought to Guantanamo Bay. The exact number of Pakistani prisoners at the prison facility in Cuba was never disclosed although hundreds of Pakistanis captured in Afghanistan are still languishing in Afghan jails.

Some of those released from the Guantanamo Bay prison said they were luckier than those held in Afghanistan where they were living in what they said were "subhuman conditions."
I guess that's why they return to fighting with the Taliban and other terrorist groups -- anything to return to the good life in Gitmo.


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