Thursday, April 08, 2004

Vzla: American company builds Venezuelan naval base

The Elder Offshore Co is currently building an 800-tonnes 3-story scientific base that will be installed on Venezuela's far-flung possession, Isla de Aves (Bird Island), which is situated at latitude 15D 40M 18S N and longitude 63D 36M 59SW ... more than 350 miles to the north, north-east (NNE) of Venezuela’s north coast.

Navy (Armada) Operations Chief, Rear Admiral Upper (VA) Humberto Perozo says the scientific-military base will have three stories, a heliport, laboratory, radio station, recreation rooms, gym, automatic laundry, fire control system, complete illumination for day and night, air-conditioning,  sweet water production capacity, and infirmary rooms operations theater.
• "It looks like an oil platform and is covered in ceramics to fight salt corrosion ... windows and doors have been fitted to anti-hurricane standards."

The island, which borders USA, French and British Caribbean islands generates almost 140,000 sq kilometers of maritime territory that has fish yields and deposits of non-conventional minerals, such as Methane hydrates.
The Dominica Government is contesting Venezuela's claim to the island and its declaring of an Exclusive Economic Zone in 1978.


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