Thursday, April 15, 2004

Vzla: Colombia requests application of Democratic Charter to Venezuela

This appears to be the first official public acknowledgement - by any regional country - seeking to confront the serious threat of the road to dictatorship variety posed by the Chavez government.

Of course Columbia, who is fighting Marxist rebels and the narco-traffickers they goonsquad for, would have a problem with a Marxist dictator on their border. There are already 'rumours' that F.A.R.C rebels consider Venezuela to be a safe haven.

It should be interesting to see where this goes...

In a communique leaked to the press allegedly the Colombian Senate has requested the OAS, American countries and the international community in general to apply the OAS's Democratic Chart to the government of Hugo Chavez for what they consider as a continuous violation of Venezuela's constitution and for blocking the democratic attempts of the opposition to hold a recall referendum on his mandate.

The communique also asks the international community for total support in these dire moments for democracy in Venezuela. In their view the democratic opposition has fulfilled all the legal requirements set forth by the government of Hugo Chavez to celebrate the recall, effort that has been arrested in illegal fashion by the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court and National Electoral Council officials.

>>Hat tip to Rantburg>>

Text of the Inter-American Democratic Charter
Festering crap from Marxists who don't like the Charter...


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