Thursday, April 15, 2004

Ja: Appeasement doesn't work

THE Mayor of Port Maria Bobby Montague yesterday shut down the water supply that serves more than 1,000 people in Hopwell, St Mary, after officials of the parish council suspected that the water source was poisoned.

Montague told the Observer yesterday that the water source was suspected to be poisoned after a peculiar odour was smelt in and around the chlorination house of the water plant.

"We acted quickly and closed down the water system in order to prevent anything from happening," the mayor said.

"Samples were sent off to the lab to be tested," he said.
Montague said the suspected water poisoning was the second such incident in two weeks. The first, he said, occurred in White Spring, and that one person has been taken into custody for that incident.

"We see it as an act of terrorism and we are not taking it lightly," said the mayor. He said the Port Maria Police along with the St Mary public health department were investigating the matter.
This was reported in Michael Burke's paper, the Jamaica Observer. Burke has been passing out KY jelly and advising Jamaicans to bend over before Islamic terrorists. For Burke, appeasement is an alternative far preferable to standing with an old ally, the U.S. While I do not claim that the possible water poisoning was done by Islamic terrorists, the possibility that it could have been certainly delineates the uselessness of appeasement.


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