Thursday, April 15, 2004

Hti: Lavalas wants to run with the money

Political leader Evans Paul has expressed outrage at the position that members of the Lavalas Family party have adopted. He regards the conditions set by the FL for its participation in the Provisional Electoral Council as political delinquency. He hopes that the people will observe closely the attitude of the fallen regime, which, according to him, wants to prevent changes from taking place in Haiti. In his words:

I think that the Lavalas people, or rather the two or three members that are still in the country, do not yet want to accept the fact that they are no longer in power. They seem to understand that it is the same system of impunity, lies and anarchy that is going on. Because all the demands they are making are unacceptable. And they clearly show that they are only defending the interests of the small group of party leaders.

For instance, they asked for the people who were stealing and embezzling state money to be allowed to leave the country so that they may go and enjoy their fortunes overseas. They are not at all concerned about the problems of the masses that believed in the Lavalas party.


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