Saturday, May 29, 2004

Gya: He who pays the piper, part 2

[Haroon] says they were looking for young people who were unemployed, who would be given skills training, housing and clothing. Ebrahimi was particular about standards and was searching for a building to house the students around the time of his abduction.
Close associate, Brother Usamah says Ebrahimi was actively involved in teaching at the college, where a small group of students was learning about Islam, the Arabic language and computer science.

Ebrahimi also had plans to introduce a sewing class at the college and had placed advertisements in the newspaper.

The class was made up of about 15 students who began studying at the college at the start of the year.

A considerable number of them were Amerindian, according to Usamah, who says the sheik was trying to give them opportunities they would not normally have.
Would Mohammad Hassan Ebrahimi have required that Amerindians -- recruited into Islam with promises of "skills training, housing, and clothing" -- eventually participate in jihad against their fellow Guyanese or elsewhere in the world?

There is a price for everything. What price would the Amerindians have had to pay for all this solicitous care and learning? How would their learning about Islam and their Arabization have impacted their relations with their fellow Amerindians? Given the track record of Islam, their fellow Amerindians would be likely to face the choice of convert or die.


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