Saturday, May 29, 2004

US: A section of of the NY Times wakes up...rubs eyes, and yawns momentarily

Bush Points the Way
Published: May 29, 2004

I doff my hat, briefly, to President Bush.

Sudanese peasants will be naming their sons "George Bush" because he scored a humanitarian victory this week that could be a momentous event around the globe — although almost nobody noticed. It was Bush administration diplomacy that led to an accord to end a 20-year civil war between Sudan's north and south after two million deaths.

If the peace holds, hundreds of thousands of lives will be saved, millions of refugees will return home, and a region of Africa may be revived.

But there's a larger lesson here as well: messy African wars are not insoluble, and Western pressure can help save the day. So it's all the more shameful that the world is failing to exert pressure on Sudan to halt genocide in its Darfur region. Darfur is unaffected by the new peace accords.

I'm still haunted by what I saw when I visited the region in March: a desert speckled with fresh graves of humans and the corpses of donkeys, the empty eyes of children who saw their fathers killed, the guilt of parents fumbling to explain how they had survived while their children did not.

The refugees tell of sudden attacks by the camel-riding Janjaweed Arab militia, which is financed by the Sudanese government, then a panic of shooting and fire. Girls and women are routinely branded after they are raped, to increase the humiliation.

One million Darfur people are displaced within Sudan, and 200,000 have fled to Chad. Many of those in Sudan are stuck in settlements like concentration camps.

I've obtained a report by a U.N. interagency team documenting conditions at a concentration camp in the town of Kailek: Eighty percent of the children are malnourished, there are no toilets, and girls are taken away each night by the guards to be raped. As inmates starve, food aid is diverted by guards to feed their camels.
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Of course this ongoing disaster has gone down the left's vast memory hole...
I forgot, does it flush such things counter-clockwise in the northern hemisphere?

If you want to help - click here or on the topmost image in the left column.

UPDATE Check out Jane at Armies of Liberation for more info.


Blogger Helen said...

Kristof asks why Muslims are staying silent while black African Muslims are being slaughtered. The answer is plainly and simply racism. Arab Muslims have no use for their black-skinned brethren -- contrary to what deluded and misguided Malcolm X believed. Black skinned Muslims are at the bottom of the totem pole in Arab countries; they are regarded as vermin and thieves, lowest of the low. I've posted to this effect already.

I can only hope that blacks in America and the Caribbean will rouse themselves and reject the lie that Malcom X believed. The racism that exists in the West is nothing compared to that in the Arab world. The genocide in Darfur is a fine example of how Arabs and Muslims deal with blacks, be they Muslim or not.

2:13 PM  

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