Saturday, May 29, 2004

U.S.: Remembering the veterans

May 31st is Memorial Day, and we at CaribPundit salute all those who have served in this nation's defense.

Many of these warriors have come from other nations, including the Caribbean. I bring to mind three in particular, Gerard Bacchus, Keith Weekes, and "Scully" Abraham, all from Trinidad & Tobago. Keith and Scully served in Vietnam and returned to TT suffering the psychological impact of warfare. Wherever they and their brethren are, I salute them.

Wherever they came from, native or foreign born, this band of brothers served and continue to serve America well by fighting in defense of freedom's cause. They fought so that this and other nations would be free.

This is why they fought on this soil; why they went to Europe for WWI and II; why they went to Korea and Vietnam; why they went to Panama, Grenada, Iraq, Somalia, and Iraq again. Wherever the men and women of the U.S. military have gone, they have stood for all of us who never joined, who never fought, who were never wounded or died on the field of battle.

For this, we thank and salute them.

We from the Caribbean know that, rumble discontentedly though we might about American power and its projection in the world today, should just one of our nations have somecrisis that threatens the country's freedom, the American president will be the first to offer U.S. military assistance in freedom's defense.

For this, we thank America and her military. We encourage you to visit the Memorial Day Project and contribute a picture and story. (Hat tip to The Indepundit.)

So, we offer a prayer on behalf of all those who have fought for and continue to fight for America. May God watch over them, bless them, and keep them. May He bless the work of their hands in defense of freedom and peace in the Mid East, Africa, the Philippines, and throughout the world. Those warriors who are presently on the field of battle, may He take them into His rest when they fall, comfort the o'erburdened hearts of their loved ones, and bring the survivors safely home. Amen.


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Happy memorial weekend all.

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