Friday, May 28, 2004

TT: The barbarians inside the gates

While the Police Special Branch has not been able to find records that one of the most wanted Al Qaeda terrorists, Adnan El Shukrijumah, is no longer in this country they believe that he is no longer here.

Police have confirmed that up to last year they, along with the FBI, were searching several parts of this country for El Shukrijumah but could not find him.
The FBI is offering a reward of $30 million for information leading to his capture.

The Special Branch said they have records that El Shukrijumah was in Trinidad in 2001 and 2002 into 2003 but while in the past they were able to confirm him leaving they have not been able to do so on this occasion.

The Express was told: "We have records on him coming and leaving including the fact that he left on a BWIA flight for London in 2001 but on the last occasion he was here we only have records on him coming to Trinidad but none of him leaving."
The US authorities also report that he was in Canada in 2002 looking for nuclear material for a "dirty bomb", with a plot to detonate a dirty bomb-a conventional explosive laced with radioactive material.

El Shukrijumah has been associated with the Darul-Uloom Institute, an Islamic institute in Central Trinidad. It is the same institute which was discussed on Tuesday by the National Security Council chaired by Prime Minister Patrick Manning.

Special Branch sources say: "The US were very worried about this man last year and they sent FBI agents who worked with the local officers trying to locate him here."

The Express was told that part of the problem is that El Shukrijumah has several passports including a Trinidad and Tobago passport and has in the past used several aliases to escape law enforcement agencies. In fact, the FBI has warned that El Shukrijumah may attempt to enter the United States on a Trinidadian, Guyanese of Canadian passport. He is known to have Guyanese links.
With this clear and strong a terrorist link to Al Qaeda and the Islamists who want to establish a global caliphate, how can TT or anybody in the Caribbean not take terrorism seriously? How can anybody indulge in schadenfreude over the negative things that occur in Iraq? Some in TT and other Caribbean media act as though terrorism will not touch their shores. Yet, here we have it. TT's 1990 coup. Islamist threats of jihad in TT. Al Shukrijumah's connection to Guyana (which has Iranian connections) and TT, and his own involvement in Al Qaeda. Do the Caribbean media need to see another Islamic coup in TT before they realize the enemy in our midst requires Caribbean countries to have close and strong ties with the U.S.?

If there is a terrorist strike on the U.S. this summer, will Muslims in the Caribbean rejoice?


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