Sunday, May 30, 2004

Gya: Revenge via grenade

THREE persons were reportedly injured, one of them so serious as to require emergency surgery, following a grenade-throwing incident mid-afternoon yesterday at a city restaurant.

The incident reportedly occurred around 14:00hrs at a Chinese restaurant on the corner of Charles and Sussex Streets in Charlestown. According to a source, the intended target was a man who frequents the eating house.

A previous attempt was said to have been made on the man’s life some time last week, but failed. On that occasion, the source said, a gun was used. This time around, the would-be assassin was more successful as the man is among the injured. He is a patient at a city hospital reportedly suffering from injuries to the knee.
Efforts to have the story corroborated by the Police proved futile
I guess the Guyanese have taken to watching Al Jazeera.


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