Monday, June 21, 2004

Cuba: As If Bush Doesn't Have BETTER Things to Do!

Imagine standing in the hot sun, even for 35 minutes to listen to this blowhard. It seems that he needs to be on the world stage and in the press, even in a world war.

Havana - Fidel Castro warned his “colleague” George Bush not to make war on Cuba and offered health care to 3,000 Americans who cannot afford it.

“You would not win that war,' he told an absent Bush while addressing a crowd of 200,000. “You will not find glory in military action against Cuba, ” because “your march on Cuba would not be easy.”
Castro then goes on to offer free medical care to “the same number of Americans as those who died in September 11, 2001.
“Those 3,000 Americans could travel to our country, accompanied by a family member, and receive treatment absolutely free,” said Castro, who likes to remind Cubans they enjoy universal, free health care while 40 million Americans do without.
Apparently Castro didn't read the papers after the 9/11 attack to learn that citizens of many other countries died in that attack. His memory must be failing him on that account.

One also wonders if he would charge the ill and their family member the same rates and tariffs that he charges all other visitors to Cuba as “nothing in Cuba is really free.” Cubans receive “free health care,” but they pay the price of living under the rules and regulations of a dictatorship. Tourists and remittance payments by the relatives of those Cubans that remain in Cuba really pay for that “free health care.” Oh well, at least he looks good in his green fatigues. He doesn't spend much of the fortune amassed and stored in numbered accounts outside of Cuba on his wardrobe. Maybe his frugal clothes budget has paid off! (or perhaps all those remittance payments have gone astray and not to the poor Cubans that he "leads.")

Castro couldn't give a speech without taking a swipe at Cuban émigrés in Florida, calling them “a known terrorist Mafia.” He also predicted that Bush will lose the election if he “depends on 'those groups,'” once again referring to the émigrés as he stood in front of a 40-ft. likeness of Bush, in military garb and outfitted with a Hitler-style mustache. A caption near the statue read: “Bush, Facist: There Is No Aggression Cuba Cannot Resist!”

It makes me laugh to think that this tin-pot dictator believes that he could stand up to the might of the American military. He talks big knowing they are out of town right now and preoccupied with a real danger.

Now if Castro invites al Qaeda or the Muslim Brotherhood to the island to set up shop he will find himself under intense scrutiny and in TRUE danger.


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