Thursday, June 24, 2004

Iraq - Resistance: The "Big Battle for Baghdad Has Not Begun"

BAGHDAD-Former Saddam Hussein generals turned members of the "elite Iraqi resistance movement" have abandoned their clandestine positions to explain their version of events and plans.

According to them, "the big battle" in Iraq is yet to come. The Americans may have "prepared for the war," but they have "prepared for the post-war." The provisional government is a puppet with no legitimacy and nothing will change except increased fighting which they are sure will defeat the American forces.

"Contrary to what has been largely said, we did not desert after American troops entered the center of Baghdad on April 5, 2003. We fought a few days for the honor of Iraq - not Saddam Hussein - then we received orders to disperse." Baghdad fell on April 9: Saddam and his army where nowhere to be seen. "
According to plan, "strategic zones fell quickly under control of the Americans and their allies" For "our part, it was time to execute… plan B," which "has totally eluded the Americans, and "was carefully organized…for months if not years before March 20, 2003,…"

The objective: "to liberate Iraq and expel the coalition. To recover our sovereignty and install a secular democracy, but not one imposed by the Americans." Thus, they "have competent people" and "sufficient numbers." The "turning points" for the resistance are the "indiscriminate pillage" in Fallujah, and the Abu Ghraib scandals. They "despised our traditions and our culture," and "they tried to destroy our social system and our dignity. We prefer to live under the terror of one of our own than under the humiliation of a foreign occupation."

It appears that our fighting forces are in for a rough time. All Westerners are seen as "occupiers," and all collaborating Iraqis are "targets." Everything coming out of the mouths of Americans, and even the U.N. are "all lies," and so on.

Have we underestimated the the tenacity and the will of the resistance? In any case, this is just ONE battle in the war against terror, or violent Jihad. Surely we won't lose battle, but for the larger war on violent jihadist Islam, we had better win!

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