Thursday, June 24, 2004

U.S.: If a man marries Irish...

He must be the husband of one wife.

Muslims who marry Irish women have to make a formal declaration that they will not take more than one wife on being granted citizenship.

The Irish government confirmed yesterday that it has ordered all men from Islamic countries seeking residency to sign a sworn affidavit rejecting polygamy.

Muslim men also have to agree they will not seek residency for a second wife if granted Irish citizenship. A man must swear he has "one spouse only" and "has no intention of entering into a simultaneous marriage".

A spokesman for the Department of Justice in Dublin said: "Obviously, we don't recognise polygamy under Irish law."

The Irish Council of Civil Liberties said the enforcement was "despicable". A Lebanese army officer was refused residence for both his wives and 13 children.
The government should also require that he marry the woman in the Catholic Church, since Romanism is the official religion. That way, two things will happen: 1) the priest won't marry them, and 2) if, by some chance, they find a priest who will unequally yoke a Roman Catholic Christian with an unbeliever, the latter will not be able to thrice repeat, "I divorce you," in order to rid himself of an Irish wife.

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