Tuesday, June 29, 2004

PR: Judges benched

SAN JUAN (AP) - Judges Berta Mainardi, Mirinda Vicenty and Maritza Ramos, who wanted to adopt a Lithuanian boy who was being claimed by his biological family in his home country, were temporarily relieved from their job by Puerto Rico Supreme Court Chief Justice, Miriam Naveira.
“According to the duties of Chief Justice, I have proceeded to provisionally relieve judges Maritza Ramos, Berta Mainardi and Mirinda Vicenty from their judicial duties until the Disciplinary Commission of Judges makes it final ruling,” Naveira said.

Ramos, who administered the Carolina Tribunal, is being charged with 23 violations of 12 rules of Judicial Ethics by exercising improper influence in the handling of the case by the Department of the Family and by the Department of Justice.

The report also determines that Ramos is guilty of abuse and child endangerment.

"In a malicious manner, and knowingly, she abused the child by exposing him to obscene language and violent acts, when she attack representatives of the Department of the Family,” reads the report.

The report also states Ramos hired psychologist Nydia De Lucca without informing the courts, who presumably induced the child to say he had been sexually abused.

Against Vicenty, TAO filled charges of improper influence, using her post for personal gain, acting without regard to the judicial branch, and acting outside the bounds of her position.

Judge Mainardi, faces disciplinary action for ethics violations such as improper conduct and not following regulation governing the behavior of judges.
I can't quite figure out if these three women were competing with each other and the birth family to adopt the boy, or if the boy was going to have three mommies.


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