Friday, June 25, 2004

TT: Debate needed re appointing a president

Sir Ellis Clarke, T&T’s first president, who contributed to the drafting of the constitution, says the way in which the president is appointed should be a matter for debate.
Clarke, who chaired the technical team that drafted the bills, said he did not think the team, given its specific mandate on police reform, should express views about a new presidential process.

However, he said: “I think that’s a matter for debate.”

Clarke also said: “It is a serious matter which I have no doubt will be considered, if and when there is a debate on constitutional reform.”

He explained how the present presidential appointment system came to being after T&T became a republic.

He said before this, the prime minister had the authority to appoint the governor general in consultation with the Queen of England, who was then T&T’s monarch.

He said when T&T became a republic, the electoral college, consisting of all the Members of Parliament was established to appoint the president.
What on earth does TT need a president for? He isn't the one who does the work of running the country. Why pay some joker to sit there and make stupid decisions, as happened during the coup of 1990 when then PM A.N.R. Robinson's order to kill the terrorists was countermanded? The government of TT would do well to save taxpayers money by scrapping the idea of a president or by changing the title of prime minister to president.


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