Thursday, June 24, 2004

U.S.: Crooks for Kerry!

John F'fin Kerry's supporters are sending ex-cons, including sexual predators, to your door.

That Boston Herald, ya gotta love it. "Crooks for Kerry: Lefty group hires ex-cons to canvass" was how Sen. John Kerry's hometown newspaper today headlined his latest embarrassment.
Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie had this to say about the Kerry gang's latest antics:

"It is disturbing that the voter mobilization arm of the Democratic Party is proudly hiring felons convicted of sex offenses, assault and burglary to go house to house and handle sensitive personal information.

"Democrat voters should be leery of opening their doors to political operatives until the Democrats can assure them that a convicted felon won't be on the other side."
I'm all in favor of rehabilitating ex-cons; however, not by sending them to people's doors. Help them get the training to do jobs such as auto-mechanics and stuff like that, not voter registration. Why put such sensitivie and personal information in the hands of an ex-con and tempt him to recidivism?

John F'fin Kerry is not willing to defend this country abroad (he voted for the $87B before he voted against it) or at home (ex-cons are coming to your door).

If he'd be man enough to resign from the Senate, like Bob Dole did when he ran for the presidency, we could send Lurch, er, Kerry home for good in November.


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