Sunday, June 27, 2004

U.S. John Kerry, “A Man of the People?” I Don’t Think So. His Wife Is Worth More Than One Billion Dollars!

Hat tip: Little Green Footballs (LGF now requires registration and the original Los Angeles Times articles is only available IF you are registered and willing to pay $2.50! Ironic, isn’t it.)

Teresa (pronounced tear –eh –sah) Heniz Kerry, John Kerry’s second wife, through a network of investments in blue-chip corporations, venture capital funds, and municipal bonds is a fabulously wealthy woman, controlling a family fortune estimated at over $1 billion. In fact, some estimates make the amount to be as high as $3.6 billion, but as the investments are not in the public record, the Los Angeles Times analysis could not produce a price evaluation.

What makes this more interesting is the fact that “their assets are so vast and far-reaching that they mirror the U.S. economy, and will likely raise questions about conflicts of interest.” One wonders how all of this could be put into a blind trust IF John Kerry is elected. Read about Teresa and John.(Yes, I put the names in the correct order. She who has the GOLD makes the RULES.)

FrontPageMagazine has written many articles about the charming couple, several of which are about Teresa, her assets, and her many interests. It seems that Teresa (THK) and her foundations have their hands and fingers in many pies. She is reported “to be in bed – financially – with the radical Left.”

Teresa Heinz Kerry has financed the secretive Tides Foundation to the tune of $4 million over the years. The Tides Foundation, a “charity” established in 1976 by antiwar leftist Drummond Pike, distributes millions of dollars in grants every year to political organizations advocating far-Left causes. the Tides Foundation and its closely allied Tides Center, which was spun off from the Foundation in 1996 but run by Drummond Pike, distributed nearly $66 million in grants in 2002 alone. In all, Tides has distributed more than $300 million for the Left. These funds went to rabid antiwar demonstrators, anti-trade demonstrators, domestic Islamist orgnanizations, pro-terrorists legal groups, environmentalists, abortion partisans, extremist homosexual activists, and open border advocates. (even after 9/11)

Even more disturbing is the fact that “The Tides Foundation is a major source of revenue for some of the most extreme groups on the Left, allowing donors to anonymously contribute to a host of causes; the donor simply makes out the check to Tides and instructs the Foundation where to forward the money. “Anonymity is very important to most of the people we work with,” Drummond Pike told The Chronicle of Philanthropy. One understands why when presented with the list of Tides grant recipients.

No sane person would want this couple to occupy the White House. Imagine the pillow talk between Mr. and Mrs. “Do-You-Know-Who-I-Am?” Oh, did I forget to mention that JK routinely asks that question when he “doesn’t get what he wants?”

For an eye-full, and perhaps a change of heart, read the rest. Follow the links for the full expose´. The many other interesting articles can be found through the search mechanism at FrontPage.


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